Retail in 2013

2013 begins with a clear tendency for Price image Regional and international expansions are also priorities for global retailers already performing well in their core market. Most retailers also bet on e-commerce and the Drive concept.

French market:
The price image battle is open. All French retailers with no exception, try to improve their price image.
Independent retailers are outperforming in France.
• Casino: who still denies their divorce from Dunhummby in France, wants to re-focus on its low price competence, and wants to leverage its leading position in Brazil.
• Auchan: continuing its global expansion, is now looking at expanding toward South East Asia with their Taiwanese partner.
• Carrefour: new CEO is clear. He wants to go back to the basics: (1) Price image, (2) Empower stores (3) Focus on the customers. The French retailers also wants to strengthen its price image positioning by taking over the German discounter NORMA in France, and plans to open 100 store in Spain, and launch low price cash & carry in Madrid.
• Intermarche: with strong results, the independent retails wants to push the Drive concept, improve its ranging, and launch e-commerce for its DIY stores.
• Leclerc: with its aggressive vision to take over Carrefour’s leading position in France by 2015, is clear on its vision. To maintain their price image strategy launched overs 5 years ago. The chain of independent also wants to go multi format (drive), and believes in synergy creation with other French independent retailers (i.e. a store managers owns his/her own store). Leclerc calls for a “Independent retailers circle” which would involve Intermarche, Systeme U.

While Kesko faces the economic turmoil, Sok ends 2012 with strong results.
ICA spins off from Ahold, and Norgesgruppen takes a majority stake in Danish retailer Dagrofa with raises its future consolidated grocery revenue to >USD 15bn.

Metro Group: The German retailer is still facing economic instability following a tough 2010 and 2011 and faced several drastic changes in the past year: newly appointed CEO, divestment from Makro (Uk), Saturn (France), Media mart (China), and an internal organisation reshuffle (MENA, ASIA, and CIS regions under one same responsibility). It is now launching cash & carry in Spain (food focused), and in Italy (price focused).

Balkan region:
While Mercator new CEO’s pains to put the company back on track, its biggest rival Agrokor, makes a 2nd take over offer.

South America:
WalMarts looks at aggressively expanding in South America while Cencosud decides to slow down in its regional expansion.

Sources: Planet Retail, LSA

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    Thank you Nauru, I have been blogging for over 2 years.
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