A new Era for Online Business or a New speculative bubble?

Le Web Start-up competition powered by Google

Many believes that the Internet is becoming a commodity. Economist fear another internet bubble to crash just like in 2000.
however it seems that young, daring, and creative entrepreneurs are giving it a try in the world of the World Wide Web.
Paris is currently hosting one of the biggest Internet event: LeWeb (
16 entrepreneurs share their business ideas in elevator pitches: click on the image above.

Amazing ideas are shared during this event. And if one lesson needs to be taken out of it, that would be the following.
If you do have a start-up idea, do not hesitate and do not fear sharing with idea with other professionals.
Many believe that an idea might be “stolen” if they expose their business concept. The truth is most entrepreneurs who today are perceived as successful, would suggest you to constantly question yourselves. You would need to set up a “feedback loop” not only with your new clients/prospects, but also with other professionals who just like you, have been through some errors. And you might actually learn from them!

In the industry of Luxury goods for instance, some of my ex professor would argue that the way to build a successful branding strategy, is to follow the “Air du Temps”, in others words, the perceptions, feelings, appreciations, and general trends of the market, and based on luxury shoppers’ likes and likes not.

The concept of “lean start-up strategy” explains that when you build a start-up, it is vital to incorporate the others’ feedback into your strategy and your operations. There will not be such things as a final version, but an accumulation of betas which would lead to a leaner business where offer would tend to match needs at a given time. But bear in mind that needs do evolves. A very good article written on the Harvard Business School’s blog talks about that:

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