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Sokho TRINH was born and raised in France. From Chinese parents who were born and raised in Cambodia, who managed to escape the Khmer Rouge during the Pol Pot Regime in the 70`s in Cambodia. He has lived and worked in 3 continents, he can speak 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, and TeoChew. Sokho holds an MBA from world top 10 ranked IE Business School, an MA in International Trade, majored in Asian Business Engineering from the University of Evry in France. He originally studied languages: English, Spanish, and Chinese Mandarin at the prestigious Grande Ecole in Paris: Langues’O and at the University of Paris XII. He also studied a term at the MBA Luxury at the ESSEC Business School, in Paris. Sokho started his career in Mexico as a business developer, went back to France and joined the group Carrefour to work for them directly in China for over 5 years, first as Category management & sales development manager, then as Marketing brand manager. He then got transferred to Spain where he was Head of Internet marketing and new media, launching up-to-date internet-based technologies creating new revenue streams and offering an integrated marketing solution to the Financial Services & Insurances division of Carrefour Spain. He then decided to capitalize on his global experience and on his MBA and co-founded Deparz an International Mobility e-Marketplace before he joined Aimia, the global leader in loyalty management. Over his career, Sokho managed over 30 people, and generated more than €100 million of new revenues. He longs to continue playing a global role, doing a job he can excel at, working with people he likes, and managing products/services that he feels passionate for. Conscious about the importance of work-life balance, and being a “passionate” person, Sokho sings regularly and he acted for 2 years. He plays badminton, and enjoy a good glass of wine with some nice Jazz music. One of his biggest passions is to travel. He visited over 50 countries. His motto in life would be: “Live your life with Passion”

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