Category : Strategy

A new Era for Online Business or a New speculative bubble?

Le Web Start-up competition powered by Google Many believes that the Internet is becoming a commodity. Economist fear another internet bubbl [...]

Data is the new oil

After a couple of month silence, here i am back from a long series of travel around the world. Something that really stroke me from the last [...]

Google swallows Motorola mobile in a $12.5bn deal

One more Google proves to take a step forward into Hardware, and new technologies development. The announcement that the Internet Giant was [...]

Personal branding, using the web to increase your chance to win

A book about self-branding using new media, and new technologies has been published. The author gives us a snapshot about the several tips t [...]

China internet Giant Baidu, launched its own web browser

If you think that that the internet battle in China has finished with the Google conflict, it is not yet to happen. Baidu launched weeks ago [...]

Social Media: from word of mouth to World of Mouth

Social media reshape the way people communicate: from being a content reader to being a content creator, is social media to be used by your [...]
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